Santorini public transport

Santorini public transport

Getting to places in Santorini

Planning a trip to Santorini? Congratulations: that’s a marvelous destination! You most probably have made a list of sightseeings and places to visit. However there is still a question: how to get to those spots? There are lot’s of transfer options in Santorini. You can rent a car, hire a taxi, drive an ATW, use a boat, saddle a donkey or even use a cable car. As a last resort you can walk through the island (don’t laugh, it’s not too big!) But I want to tell about Santorini public transport. Bus is the most popular, cheap and save mean of transport in Santorini.

Hello, my name is Alexander Hadji and I’m a photographer in Santorini. I know about the island absolutely everything and love to share information with the visitors.

Santorini public transport

Taking a bus: the main rule

You can get to almost any corner of Santorini by bus. The most of the routes start at Fira’s Central Bus Station. The latter is a key point for a sightseer. So if your hotel is located in a walking distance from the Station, just go ahead and take a bus.

In case you stay in other towns, say, Oia, Kamari, Perissa, you will have to take a bus to Fira first. Once you are in Fira’s Central Bus Station – just follow the instructions below.

So the main rule of using Santorini public transport (the bus) – is quite simple. 1. Get to the Fira’s Central Bus Station.  2. Take a bus in a desired direction. 3. Enjoy the spot!

Look for a KTEL stop

The buses run on schedule which you can find here: The ticket prices are more or less same for different destinations (€1.80 in 2017), excluding the most distant spots. Say, to get to Perissa (to see the famous Black Beaches) one paid €2.40 in 2017. You pay in the bus, so there is no need to look for a ticket elsewhere.

When at the Central Bus Station, please follow the instructions given by the bus drivers and their assistants. They announce a route and show the bus corresponding with it.

If you are waiting for a bus at an ordinary bus stop I would recommend to wave to a bus driver once the bus approaches. Thus he will understand that you are not just having a rest there, but waiting for a bus. Otherwise the bus might pass without stopping. But how to spot a bus stop if there is no box, or bench or anything looking like a bus stop? Look for a sign (a plate, a piece of wood etc) with the letters “Κ.Τ.Ε.Λ.”on it. Or you can ask locals where the nearest KTEL is.

Using Santorini public transport: arrivals and departures

If you arrive at port of Santorini the chances to take a bus to Fira are high. But if you arrive at Santorini airport, then be ready to hire a taxi (€15 – €30), as the last bus to the town might be already gone. Many hotels, even the inexpensive ones, provide a transfer service from the port and the airport. Just check the options with your hotel.

Santorini is a small island and you can get to many places by foot. There are even special trekking routes  for those who want to enjoy the views in the slow mode. The main route leads from Fira to Oia including the most breathtaking part near Imerovigly. I will tell more about the trekking routes in Santorini in the further entries, so keep tuned!

And, well, yes, welcome to Santorini!

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