Santorini sunset

Santorini sunset

Why is Santorini sunset so special?

Must see things in Santorini

There are quite a number of sightseeing spots in Santorini, but two of them are a must for thousands of tourists, visiting the island every single day. I mean the domes and… Santorini sunset. Hi there! My name is Alexander Hadji and I’m a photographer in Santorini. I know the island from A to Z and love to share info with the visitors. I will tell more about Santorini domes next time. This entry is devoted to the famous sunsets observed from the island. So what is so special about Santorini sunset?

Magic Santorini sunsets – touch the eternity

Well, just browse the photos and you will see. Though you can enjoy beautiful sunsets on any other Greek island, Santorini has something that makes the experience unique. The angle. Here in Santorini, the sunsets can be enjoyed not only on the sea level but from the bird’s eye view. So the sun reflection on the sea turns into a wide golden sun path. Big ships and tiny boats stroll along the path, silhouettes of distant islands emerge on the sky and the colors take your breath away. Get seated, clear your mind and just watch. Try to imagine that the rock you are sitting on was spilled out of the Earth thousands years ago. In other words, touch the eternity.

Santorini sunset

Best spots to watch Santorini sunset

Sunset in Oia

So where is the best place to view sunset in Santorini? According to the numerous touristic guides, it’s Oia. Well, that’s true, sunsets in Oia are really beautiful. But this is what millions of tourists know. So when you come to the town for a sunset view, you might see nothing more than heads and backs of other sunset lovers. However, if you are determined to watch the sunset in Oia, follow my instructions. Firstly, you can book a table in a restaurant or a cafe with a view.  Another option is to arrive in Oia 1,5-2 hours beforehand, get the best spots and wait for the sunset. The best spots are located near the remains of the ancient castle.

Santorini sunset

Sunset near the Lighthouse

If you look for something special – forget about Oia! One of the best spots for viewing sunset in Santorini is Santorini Lighthouse. There are neither cafes, nor even public transport to get there, but the sunsets are just GORGEOUS! You will need a car or an ATW to reach the point. Head to Akrotiri and look for a sign “ΦΑΡΟΣ” on the right side of the road. The good thing about Lighthouse is that if you want a better view, you just change the rock to sit on (there are plenty of them :))

Santorini sunset

A few more spots

There are also great spots with a beautiful sunset view at Imerovigli, Megalohori and other sides of the Caldera. But the views here depend on the season: somedays you can enjoy a spectacular sunset, but some days only a piece of it might be seen.

Make sure to take some stuff along: a bottle of a Santorini wine, some fruits or cheese, a camera and, well, a guitar. Leave behind bad mood and anxiety and enjoy yourself.

Welcome to Santorini!

Santorini sunset

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