Santorini hotels with pools

Santorini hotels with pools

A touch of luxury

When looking for a Santorini hotel on the Internet you will be definitely getting through hundreds and hundreds of pictures. There will be also lots of breathtaking photos of Santorini hotels with pools among them. No doubt, the idea of enjoying a glass of Santorini wine in a jacuzzi with a Caldera view is absolutely brilliant! Hello, my name is Alexander Hadji and I’m a photographer in Santorini. I know about the island absolutely everything and love to share my knowledge with the visitors. And while you are adding up a pool to the list of the vacation requirements, I’m going to tell you about some issues you should take into consideration.

Santorini hotels with pools

Santorini hotels with pools

The first thing to do when looking for a Santorini hotel with a pool is to define the locations. If you consider staying in Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos areas, a pool is not a must at all. For a simple reason that there are beaches in the towns. But even in these areas a hotel may be far enough from the sea. In this case a pool is a great bonus. In case you are looking for a hotel located on the Caldera, a pool would be a great advantage. There are many hotels with a pool and a Caldera view. Just choose one according to your preferences. There are also huge hotels with infinity view pools. That means, when in the pool, you will see the pool and the sea as one never-ending surface. You can find infinity pools in big hotels like Grace in Imerovigly or Andronis in Oia. Almost every good hotel can provide some privacy as well. I mean either a jacuzzi on the terrace or even a private pool in luxury rooms. Please note that the pools (except for the private ones) are available on a schedule and closed in the night. Though the small hotels may permit the night bathing.

Santorini hotels with private pools

Santorini pools throughout the year

If you are visiting Santorini out of the main season, say in spring, autumn or even in winter, consider the rooms with indoor jacuzzi/bath-tubes. The weather is quite unpredictable and it may be too cold for the outdoor bathing. Though some pools have heating and may be comfortable enough even when it’s cold outside. Check this option when looking through Santorini hotels with pools on the Internet.

Santorini infinity pools

The vast majority of Santorini hotels with pools are small, family run businesses. So almost every hotel offers unique services and tries to differ from any other. So you can definitely find a hotel which would be your dream place to stay in. But remember: the earlier you start to look for one, the wider will be the choice.

And yes, welcome to Santorini!

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Santorini hotel with a poll

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