Santorini wedding photography

Santorini wedding photography

Santorini wedding photo shoot

This Santorini wedding photography session was done for Vladlena and Eugene – a lovely couple from Russia. Hello, my name Alexander Hadji and I’m a Santorini wedding photographer. I took over a Santorini wedding photo shoot for the couple and I’m really proud of the results.

It was clear from the very beginning that Vladlena and Eugene were going to have one of the most beautiful weddings that I’ve seen in Santorini. Therefore I wanted to convey those positive vibes of love and happiness in a bright and colorful Santorini wedding photography set.

So I was really delighted to get a feedback from Vladlena and Eugene.

They wrote: “When we got the pictures from our Santorini wedding photography session, we just roared “Alexander is a real PRO!” Initially, we had looked through the dozens and dozens of Santorini wedding photographers’ portfolios. But Alexanders photos are absolutely outstanding and a way different. Also, it’s important for a photographer to build a warm relationship with the couples. No doubt Alexander is able to. We were a bit anxious (as every couple on their wedding day) but Alexander helped us to relax and to enjoy everything that followed. So if anybody is looking for a wedding photo shoot in Santorini, we strongly recommend Alexander Hadji as their Santorini wedding photographer”

Santorini wedding photography

Santorini wedding team-work

This stunning Santorini wedding became a result of great professionals team-work. Indeed, everyone got a wonderful and inspiring feedback.

The whole event was planned by a wedding planner Maria Zotova from Wedding in Greece agency.Here comes her feedback from the couple: “We want to thank Maria for planning our ceremony! Thank you very much for your patience, aesthetic sense, and outstanding event-planning skills. Our dream came true and everything was exactly the way we wanted”.

Maria notes: “when I got such an emotional feedback from my Couples, I feel that we had not just organized another wedding in Santorini. But we managed to create a real fairy-tail of love and happiness for the couple. Moments like this keep me highly inspired and motivated to do more and better”. 

Vladlena and Eugene chose Andronis Luxury Suites wedding venue for their Santorini wedding ceremony. As a Santorini wedding photographer, I fully understand their choice.  The venue has an astonishing panoramic view of the sea and caldera. More than that, it is a beautiful backdrop for a Santorini wedding photo shoot.

The couple says: “We were looking through different countries, but finally chose Santorini for our wedding. When we saw Andronis Luxury Suites we understood that it was an ideal wedding venue for us”.

More vendors

Santorinis Flowers company was in charge of the floral design. Vladlena and Eugene also noted them in their feedback. “Special thanks go to the florists! Our worries evaporated the same moment we saw the beauty they had made. All our requirements, even the most specific ones, had been noted”.

MONT Videography took over the video coverage. There are also many thanks to them from the couple. “Natasha, Tasos, well done! The guys did their best and came up with a beautiful Santorini wedding film!”  

Vladlena and Eugene named their reception restaurant Pyrgos “the greatest venue for a wedding party ever. Beautiful views, professional staff and delicious food made us happy!”

The wedding cake was made by Santorini Wedding Cakes.

Wedding vehicle was provided by Vazeos Car Rental. 

Santorini wedding photography

Santorini wedding bridal preparation

Santorini wedding photography decoration

Santorini wedding photo shoot decoration

Santorini wedding photography groom's waiting

Santorini wedding photographer bridal bouquet

Santorini wedding decorations photo

Santorini wedding photographer wedding rings

Santorini wedding photographer venue


Santorini wedding photographer ceremony

Santorini wedding ceremony photo shoot

Santorini wedding photography ceremony

Santorini wedding dance

Santorini wedding ceremony music

Santorini wedding photo shoot first dance

Santorini wedding ceremony champaign

Santorini wedding photo shoot first dance

Santorini wedding photographer wedding venue

Santorini wedding ceremony Andronis Luxury Suites

Santorini wedding Andronis Luxury Suites

Santorini wedding bridal portrait

Santorini wedding photo shoot

Santorini wedding photographer

Santorini wedding photo shoot blue domes

Santorini wedding photo shoot white roofs

Santorini wedding photo shoot blue domes

Santorini wedding photography bridal bouquet

Santorini wedding photography shadows

Santorini wedding photography

Santorini wedding photography blue domes

Wedding photographer in Santorini

Wedding photographer in Santorini

Wedding photo shoot in Santorini

Wedding photo session in Santorini

Santorini wedding party photography







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