Santorini weekend getaway

Santorini weekend getaway

Santorini weekend getaway

Santorini weekend getaway – timing and accommodation

Looking forward to your upcoming Santorini weekend getaway? Sure you are, otherwise you would not be reading this post right now. Hello, my name is Alexander Hadji and I am a photographer in Santorini. I love sharing information (tips and tricks) with the visitors so that they get the most of their stay in my beloved island. I know about Santorini absolutely everything and just can’t help not sharing all this data with you. But let’s get closer to the business.

Santorini weekend getaway
Santorini weekend getaway – breathtaking views in Imerovigly

The best time to arrive in Santorini is Friday in the afternoon. Thus you will have some time to check in the hotel, get some rest,  look around and choose a place for the first dinner in Santorini. You will probably travel via Athens, so consider a ferry as a substitute to an airplane when planning a trip Athens-Santorini-Athens. The ferry schedule might work better for you.

As for the hotel to stay, first of all please think on how you will get the places within the island. If you are renting a car in Santorini, just choose any hotel you liked in Internet. If you plan to use public transport, I would suggest you find a hotel in Fira, Firostefani or Karterados. These towns are located in the center of the island. Moreover, the towns are close to the Santorini Central Bus Station, so you will be able to take a bus in whatever direction you want. Taxis are also an option, but it might be tricky to catch one, especially within the high season.

Santorini weekend getaway
Santorini weekend getaway – snuggling in Oia

Santorini weekend getaway – how to spend 2 full days in Santorini

Here comes some information on what I recommend to see in Santorini during a weekend. First of all, get to the bed early on Friday so that not to oversleep on Saturday. Thus you will have precious time for visiting Oia, Imerovigly and Fira. Start exploring  Oia not later than at 09.00-09.30 am, as the town gets really overcrowded after 11.00 am. Then you might want to continue with Imerovigly, Firostefani and Fira. These towns have the most classic Santorini backdrops and views. So they are absolutely a must for visiting.

Plan a longer trip for Sunday. I suggest you go either for Emborio and the black beach (in Perissa) or for Akrotiri’s archeological site and the red beach.

Santorini weekend getaway – souvenirs

On the way back please make sure to get sweet Vinsanto or/and dry Assyrtiko in a Duty Free shops as these wines are made from the local unique varieties. A Santorini photo shoot – is also a great souvenir to warm your winter or rainy days back home. Consider booking one 😉

If you have any questions on Santorini weekend getaway, leave a comment below and I will come back with the additional info. You can also follow me on Instagram to get inspired for your upcoming Santorini weekend trip.

Santorini weekend getaway
Santorini weekend getaway – the famous black beach

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